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N-P-10|Cargo pants (UNISEX)

Property Description

Cotton64% Linen36%(Wrinkle processing)

Colors. Khaki, Navy, SUMI Black

Sizes: 1, 2

Delivery: 31th of August

Lady's model : 165cm / Wearing size 2(Khaki)

Men's model : 179cm / Wearing size 2(SUMI Black)


綿64% 麻36%(シワ加工)

Colors. カーキ, ネイビー, スミグロ

Sizes: 1, 2

Delivery: 8月15日

Lady's model : 165cm / size 2 着用(カーキ)

Men's model : 179cm / size 2 着用(スミグロ)

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