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“Imagining uncharted possibilities”
Clothing your imagination.

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Imagining uncharted possibilities

Everyone has their own physical characteristics, curves, angles, dips, spurs, weak points, roundness, all of which we wish to express as they are. To fit everybody’s individual reality in readiness for action without limiting our human performance

-- movement, sensation, being --

we design clothes for inclusive next-generation experiences.

The revolution of creative acceptance starts with self.


Nomat, since 2019. Fine clothing designed in Paris, handmade in Japan.

Nomat designs fine clothing made with a difference for everyone.

Hitomi Nomura established Nomat in 2019 with the vision of reimagining how attire ‘fits’ the body.

The label is part of her family company -- Factory --

headquartered in Tochigi, Japan, and founded in 1984.

The Nomura family has long sourced the finest materials and fabrics from around the world to create sleek, simple, and stylish designs. In 2017, Factory established its own mill in Mongolia to spin high-quality local wool into the finest yarns -- cashmere, yak, and camel.

Atelier Paris

Address: 4 rue de Tournon, 75006 Paris, FRANCE

Atelier Tokyo

Address: 157 ELPULIMENT Shinjuku, 6-7-22 Shinjuku-ku, 160-0022, Tokyo, JAPAN

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