For something invisible but existing in this world.
Uncharted imaginary places.


Uncharted imaginary places.

Each person has its own physical characteristics, such as

curved, thin, round, thorny, weak, and we express

this personality as it is. To be fit for an action without

limiting human performance, such as movement and

sensation, we design next-generation's "utilizing clothes".


Nomat was founded in 2019 in Paris by Hitomi Nomura. Nomat is part of her family owned company founded in 1984 in Japan. The business has its foundation in fabric manufacturing sourcing the finest materials all over the world including their own spinning factory in Mongolia. Now the second generation has joined the team including Hitomi who is bringing her expertise as a pattern cutter. She works from her studio in Paris creating both the Factory and Nomat collections. The clothes are made in Japan with focus on unique patterns combined with high quality materials and manufacturing.


A/W 20
S/S 20


Atelier Paris

Address: 4 rue de Tournon, 75006 Paris, FRANCE
Mail: info@noma-t.com

Atelier Tokyo

Address: 157 ELPULIMENT Shinjuku, 6-7-22 Shinjuku-ku, 160-0022, Tokyo, JAPAN

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